The Benefits of Peer Advising

By Christina Sin

My name is Christina Sin and I am currently a senior majoring in International Affairs and Women’s Studies.  As a peer advisor for the past year and as a student who received an incredible amount of help from peer advisors in the past, I think one of the best aspects of the Elliott School is that we have a great peer advising system.  My first encounter with a peer advisor was during my sophomore year when I was trying to figure out how to expand my International Affairs major to also incorporate my love of the social sciences and humanities.  I ended up talking to a peer adviser for over 30 minutes trying to figure out whether I wanted to take classes on human rights or peace studies or anthropology.

Though the Elliott School academic advisors are a great resource, it was nice to be able to ask a peer for their opinion and talk more casually about what classes they loved at GW and and how to better enrich the college experience.  I definitely think that all students should talk to a peer advisor, whether it is in person at the Elliott School office or online (email or gchat

It is a great resource that most people don’t take advantage of and though I did not end up taking classes on peace studies or human rights, meeting a peer advisor encouraged me to open my eyes to other departments and classes outside of International Affairs.  I was able to ask my peer advisor questions that I did not necessarily ask my academic advisor.  I was much more comfortable asking my peer advisor about what classes I should take or whether taking an internship for credit was something that would be rewarding to me.  I hope that more students will take advantage of this great service and resource.

Christina is a senior in the Elliott School, double majoring in International Affairs and Women’s Studies and double minoring in Geography and History.  She hopes to continue to live in the Washington, D.C. area after graduation and work for a University.

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