Susan Aaronson about Chinas censorship

Susan Aaronson, professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs entered the debate surrounding China’s attempted censorship of the results generated by Google , the most popular Internet search site in almost every country except China.
For years acquiescing to China’s demands that they censor the results that the search engine generates (blank pages appear whenever the user searches for something untoward) , citing that the Communist regime is merely trying to root out things like pornography and sexual exploitation through blocking the access , Google has finally decided to withdraw their agreement to censor their pages, due to a justification based on defending the rights of the common citizen to browse for and download what they wish and combating the alleged protectionist strategy that the Chinese government is using in its Web-based market.
Whether this is simply a PR exercise or a genuine concern of Google’s , their recent decision to go to the World Trade Organisation over the issue will prove to make for an interesting scenario, especially for the students at the Elliot School of International Affairs, situated in George Washington University. Aaronson, professor at the School , commented on Google’s actions “It’s a shrewd strategy… Yes, it’s slower, but you force them to defend this in a public setting.” , referring to the litigation process of the WTO that can take over two years to conclude.
China would undoubtedly not have been able to achieve the unprecedented level of economic growth and industrialisation it has done without employing some protectionist trade strategies, and their use was not argued over widely by the global economy , as protecting the infant industries in China presented interesting opportunities for foreign investment , but now that China is such an economic powerhouse, its continuing policy of “rampant protectionism” has been referred to as “[going] against basic international trade principles” with regards to its favouring of domestic Internet search providers.

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