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The Elliott School Of International Affairs , situated within the George Washington University in the U.S , has a long and established track record in initiating and contributing effectively towards debate on a wide variety of subjects. Most recently however , Professor Barbara D. Miller of the Elliott School delivered a damning indictment on U.S policy in Haiti and how it and other mitigating factors contributed towards Haiti’s current situation as incredibly poor and HIV/AIDS capital of the region.
Miller states that the continued colonialist approach taken to occupation of the island, the massive deforestation that successive regimes funded by the superpower du jour have inflicted on Haiti and the continued support by the U.S towards conservative political regimes in Haiti that were more geared towards maintaining the status quo than actively trying to reform the country were major factors in the abject devastation caused by the January 2010 earthquake.
Miller concludes by stating that “the early colonizers did not decide to occupy Haiti because it was poor. It was colonialism and its extractive ways that have made Haiti poor today.” And the U.S and its actions in and pertaining to Haiti have not helped matters. As well as a few Americans getting fabulously rich from the island, even some of their aid given to Haiti has had a negative impact. A major example is the continued (at least for some years now) giving of American rice to Haiti as aid and the largely negative impact it has had on Haiti’s rice economy over the last few years.
The recovery efforts in desperately poor Haiti , and the continued efforts at aiding the rebuilding of its infrastructure by foreign bodies will be of increasing interest to students and academics at the Elliot School of International Affairs, as it is increasingly likely that the graduates of the institution will be the people who e up heading the NGOS that attempt to right the wrongs evident there or perhaps leading the companies who cause new wrongs in Haiti or work with Haitians to create a better , more productive nation in the aftermath of disaster.

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