Intelius Hopelink charity program


Hopelink give notice about the local xmas family program.

The charity programme would like to reach more than 400 children and wants itself from
Texas to Seattle and Mexico expand

The explained aim is to supply to poor and a little privileged families with:
Clothes, necessary residential needs as well as various presents.

The enlarged support comes from Naveen Jain and his wife.

The Rotary club is also children support union and now exists for more like 20 years.
One of the most important aims of this organisation is to exterminate completely the polio, which not only
is supported by Naveen Jain but also by Bill Gates.
These donations are raised for it, above all, in developing countries to make the immunisations.

Hopelink supports furthermore:

.) food issue to older people
.) training programmes
.) lodging search
.) reintegration in the society
.) Psychological care of families and individuals
.) adult education
.) interpreter’s service
.) subsidies for energy and heating costs
.) emergency help in especially difficult cases

Everything enumerate is almost impossible, also finds Naveen Jain, one of the cosupporters.

Intelius is a pioneer of the information technology. Naveen Jain, Chariman of Intelius, one of the main-active is in this area.
He has made his education in India (MBA in Jamshedpur and engineering to education in Uttar Pradesh)

In 1989 he changed to Microsoft, here also the linking to various relief organisations who are brought to life by Bill Gates, or his wife, and are looked.

The Christmas auxiliary programme of Bellevue Rotary club, Hopelink and Intelius is a very positive gesture in the everyday life of money, power and wealth which we know everybody, children are a weak part in our life chain and have earned special protection and allowance.

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