Ross School in NY

Ross Global Academy Charter School is a great school for students in grades K-8. It is opened on September 6, 2006 in the historic Tweed Courthouse as a collaboration of NYU and The Ross School. Their aim is to serves students from a variety of cultural backgrounds and with varied learning styles while cultivating each of them an engagement in life-long learning and well-being that they will carry forward throughout their lives.

What Ross Global Academy offers to the students is a holistic education to enable them to view the world as a borderless world and prepare themselves with the skills that are important for them to be successful in the 21st century.

Apart from that, Ross Global Academy teaches their students how to think critically and creatively, respect other cultures, develop leadership, using the available technology today, living a healthy live and the most important thing is to have passion for learning.

They offer a good quality and well structured global curriculum to the students to reach their leaning goals with a systematic interdisciplinary instruction by using the cultural history as their medium of instruction. The core curriculum they offer are math, literacy, science, and social studies which are collaborated with other disciplines like technology, health, and arts programs.

They also offer small class sizes of approximately 20-24 students which is a conducive learning environment. To reach the mission, they have a longer school day which is from 745am to 430pm with earlier dismissal on Friday. They have their own school uniform and code of conduct. They also encourage family involvement by organizing parent conferences from time to time.

In conclusion, Ross Global Academy is a very good school which offers a well organized curriculum in order to meet their goals with several well structured programs for students to learn in a good way.

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