GW Making History, Part 2

GW Making History is a campaign that demonstrates how George Washington University faculties, staffs, students and alumni have used their relationships and knowledge to show the world what they got and how they can make a history through small and big ways. Everyone from GW is welcome to share and submit their stories on the microsite. Every person who shares his/her story will receive a T-shirt. If you are in the campus, you can get your T-shirt instantly, but if you are from outside the campus, you will also receive a T-shirt via mail. For concerns and some information about the said campaign, you can send an e-mail.

GW, a popular university in Washington, DC, is located at the heart of the state wherein laws, policies, and the core of the United States government are situated too. The university aims to provide each of their students the knowledge and skills they need to be one of the leaders someday and make a history that would bring pride to them and their entire nation. Their mission is to mold and give students what they needed to be in the competition once they graduated and decided to make a history.

The academic programs of GW give the students a chance to be prepared in facing the global society which would allow them to gain more experiences. At GW, students do not just go to the campus to study and learn some things that could help them in the future, but also, they are establishing relationships within the university which can be a big contribution to their whole being.
GW Making History will show everyone how the university played a big role to its students, staffs, faculties, alumni, and so on as it only aims to provide their students the top and most innovative ways to enhance their personalities and acquired skills.

If you are part of the GW community and you want to share to all how this community helped you pursue and make your dreams come true, you can submit your stories through YouTube and Flickr. You may also record your own stories on GW’s mobile television studio which will be making rounds on the three campuses of GW.

Make a history today and hear some inspiring words from other alumni and students of GW. You too can be one of them. You can share your story by emailing or posting videos on the said website. You may also visit the official website of GW Making History at

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