George Washington University’s Summer Programs

George Washington University (GWU) is a comprehensive private university in Washington, D.C. that is known for offering degree courses and awards certificates in various fields of study. The summer program that is being offered by this research university provides interested individual the chance to earn academic credit during summer.
The university offers several undergraduate and graduate courses that individuals can take up. With almost 700 courses in different fields that are being offering on campus, individuals can surely find the one that suits their needs and requirements. GWU is committed to building a good relationship with its students by encouraging student-faculty interaction.

Aside from on campus courses, George Washington University is also offering online courses as well as short-term abroad programs. This enables individuals to enroll in the university without the need to report personally at school. This is ideal for those who already have a job but still want to take up specialized courses from a reputable research university such as GWU.

Most of the summer courses that are offered in the university are compressed for 6 to 14-week sessions to ensure that individuals with a busy lifestyle can still incorporate their coursework in their schedule. What’s good about these summer programs is that they are held online, in the evening, and during the day, giving individuals the option to choose the one that is convenient for them. Moreover, most of these classes in small groups to ensure that every student is given proper attention.

The tuition and fees that are being charged by the university vary from course to course. The university usually charges per credit hour. It also offers a refund for those who decided not to pursue their summer class.

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