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Intelius Hopelink charity program

Thursday, July 8th, 2010


Hopelink give notice about the local xmas family program.

The charity programme would like to reach more than 400 children and wants itself from
Texas to Seattle and Mexico expand Read the rest of this entry ?

The Social Enterprise Frontier

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

By Grant Tudor

Social entrepreneurship in the neo-natal clinics of India. Photo: Grant Tudor

I’ve been in India two weeks now, talking social enterprise with some remarkably rare changemakers (social enterprise is an explosive field being explored here on campus by emerging groups like the GW Social Enterprise Forum). Last Monday I sat in a cramped concrete office deep in Chennai’s industrial park, drinking tea with Mr. Mukundan – a wrinkled but wildly energetic old man – as he discussed his low-cost alternative energy stove that runs off 100% plant oil… something that will not only positively impact the pocketbooks of the world’s rural poor, but help tackle one of the largest, albeit strangest, causes of global greenhouse gas emissions: kerosene stoves. Read the rest of this entry ?