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Summer Courses Online

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

By Elizabeth Gerke

Hi again everyone! I am writing about my experiences with the online courses that The George Washington University offers during the summer. This is probably of interest to those of you who may have fallen behind on one or two requirements or are just interested in getting ahead!

GW offers some of the same courses that they offer during the regular school year throughout the summer online.  They are mostly six-week courses (the summer is divided into two sessions of six weeks each) and are all worth their usual credit amounts, be it 3 or 4 credits. They also fulfill the same requirements that they would during the regular school year.  These courses,  run mostly through your online Blackboard portal, can be a great way to take courses that you know will count for college credit while satisfying your GW major requirements as well – all while balancing a job and/or other summer activities! You don’t need to be on campus, in D.C., or even in the United States to take these courses – so long as you have access to the internet, you are good to go. Read the rest of this entry ?

Need Help Balancing Your Schedule?

Monday, March 30th, 2009

By Elizabeth Gerke

I am currently taking a course called Japanese Culture Through Film (JAPN 162) and I just wanted to let you guys know about it. We watch films made in Japan and discuss cultural themes presented through them. Topics include history, society, and anthropology such as time periods, gangs, traditions and modern aspects of life. Last semester I took a similar course called Chinese Culture Through Film and I also loved it. I highly recommend a course like these to help balance out your schedule, because they are usually offered at night and meet once a week for two and a half hours (most of the films are feature-length after all). Balancing out your schedule can really help with fitting in internships and other job opportunities. I have really enjoyed these courses and I hope this recommendation helps some of you out with your course options!

Elizabeth is a sophomore majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Contemporary Cultures and Societies.  She is also pursuing a second major in Philosophy-Public Affairs and a minor in Applied Ethics.

Concentrate on International Affairs

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

By Elizabeth Gerke

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Gerke and I am a sophomore majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Contemporary Cultures and Societies.  I am also majoring in Philosophy-Public Affairs and minoring in Applied Ethics.  I have recently joined the peer advising team here at the Elliott School and I love it.  I hope that my take on how to pick an International Affairs concentration will be helpful and stress-relieving! Read the rest of this entry ?